How to adjust the fuel/air screw on the PW50

I recently bought my son a used PW50. I had the carb cleaned, put in a new air filter, changed the plug and oil etc...

Well this has been a rather good learning experience for me, however I still don't think I've got it down. I want to adjust the air/fuel screw on the carb so it runs as best as it can. I had it screwed way in before and it ran very slow and cut out. My friend came over and took the screw out a few turns and it reved much higher and ran faster. I have noticed that at top speed with full throttle it kind of burps a bit. It doesn't slow down and it doesn't stall and it kind of feels like its doing its best, but just can't go any better. I don't know if this is normal.

Anyway, I bought a maintenance manual and it tells you to adjust it using some gauge. I don't own this gauge and wondered if there is anyway I can do it without it...perhaps someone out there has a PW50 and has their carb set just right and can tell me how many turns out from bottom they have it set and I can use that as a baseline.


I don't think you'll get a defined answer for number of turns that will be a guaranteed fix. I believe my manual talks about adjusting the air screw until you get it to rev up, and when it revs down a little, turn it back to where it revs the highest. After that, adjust your idle speed. My girls don't scream it much, so I'm no sure how ours runs up top for sustained periods, but these aren't exactly race bikes.

Hope this helps!

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