FC, Racetech or MB1? Opinions please

Ok so my 04' CRF250r has never had anything done with the suspension and since I ride mainly MX and trail ride occasionally with it I figured I need to get it rebuilt and setup. So since I weigh about 185, should I get a revavle done? I already know im gonna need springs.

Also since I know very little about suspension about how much will I be looking at to get this all done from say Factory Connection?

Also what are your opinions on the other guy like MB1 and racetech?


I do not know about MB1 and racetech, but I know Factory Connection gives free upgrades in valving over time as they learn more from testing. And pricing is close enough between all companies.

I would go with Pro Works Racing in Texas (www.proworksracing.com)

What they did with my yz125 is magical. :thumbsup:

I had FC do my suspension and it cost around $700. It's worth every penny. I weigh 170lbs. I had it set up for mostly MX with some trail riding. They revalved, put softer pressure springs, oil lock collars, and mx spring seats in the forks. Now they're very plush in the initial stroke, but they resist bottoming much better than stock. They revalved and put a new high speed compression spring in the shock. I can now run 106mm of sag and not worry about bottoming everywhere. Very nice!

Factory Connection is the best company i have ever dealt with when it comes to suspension work, and equally important in my mind, customer service. They treat you like you are they're most important customer. you wont be dissapointed with FC. If you choose to go with them give me a shout and I can send you a $25 off coupon for their services. PM me.

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