Friday Weigh IN 04-07-06

Heavy_G where are ya?

I report on Saturdays and I have a good report.

Last saturday: 197.5

This morning (8 Apr): 195 Of course this is post-dump, pre-breakfast. :thumbsup:

I made zero progress last week (197.5 for two weeks). I stated that I was looking forward to a good week of training and I had a good week. Well I am now at a point where I am going to start running. Nothing crazy, just a mile after workouts to start with.

Alaskan_h230_gurl, how are you and your husband doing?

We haven't weighed in yet.. But if we make it to the gym tonight, we plan on it! I dont know if we have lost any pounds, but we both have noticed parts of are body looking better! My legs are so much more tone, and my husbands midsection is looking great! You can actually tell! Hurray!

I think we are gaining weight in muscle mass.. That's okay with me!


Good for both of you. I don't worry about losing weight. That's why my weight lose has been very gradual, 14.5 lbs over 11 weeks.

I am interested in getting lean and seeing my waist size get smaller (a 32- 34 waist is reasonable, not a 38). I think I am now hovering around 36 because I just drilled new notches into my two belts.

Keep up the good work and enjoy your success.

OK.... Im a little bummed. I didn't lose this week. That's why I havent posted till now.

Still at 225. But I am on the bike 45 min every morning. My buddy Desto gave me a tip: "try eating something in the morning" Up until now I haven't eaten till 1:30pm. I am hoping this will "kickstart" my metabolism.

(I'm shoot'n for a 38") and I still don't know why u need a sprayer!!

I cheated a fair bit while I was away on vacation. I am up to 228 (from 224 last week). I didn't overeat that much while I was away, but I had a few drinks and a few sweets, etc. I would have to assume that most of it is water retention. I should be back to 224 by the end of the week. I'm having a hard time getting back into my exercise program, that's for sure.

. I'm having a hard time getting back into my exercise program, that's for sure.

Oh yes! The hubby and I went to San Diego for a week after we had just joined the gym.. We had gone two weeks religiously, then we got back.. put it off for two days.. went.. the First day there.. we pretty much were VERY lame. lol.. to say the least, then we got back in the swing of things.

:thumbsup: Just keep the goal in mind and you will find it easier to make the right choices! :thumbsup:

Some days I don't have any drive but I get out to the shop anyway. I have established routines for strength training 3 days a weeks (Tues, Thurs, Sat). I vary the routines every 3-4 weeks so I won't be bored and to trick the muscles. When I find myself not wanting to start down my list of exercises I pick out what I want to do first and usually end up doing all of them. Just need to get started.

I have added cardio (Mon, Wed and Fri), but I am flexible with my schedule. If I get in five days of exercise, with a minimum of 2 days strength training, I am satisfied. I do abs and pullups everytime I exercise (5-6 days a week).

Don't be discouraged if you gain a little weight, I always do right after I weigh-in and then on tuesday I get with the program regarding eating. I am always hoping to stay even or lose alittle before weigh-ins. I have been lucky so far because the one week I traveled I was not working and had the time to exercise.

Be encouraged and look forward to the next weigh in.

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