2005 TC 450 stalling

small problem with my tc450. I installed JD jet kit and zip fuel screw last week. I set the kit up per instructions at sea level. bike runs great however when on the track after it gets hot the bike will sometimes stall with a backfire in a turn at low RPM. When restarting it is a little difficult as it pops and sputters a little before firing up. I also have a rekluse clutch installed so its not like im stalling because of too hi of gear ,Ive read that the JD jet kit supplies a leak jet for the 2006 tc and im not sure if I have to change this also. Im not even sure where it is. it kindof sounds like theres too much fuel in there but im not really sure. I can live with a little bog but this problem bothers me as my old DRZ would never act like this and always restarted easily. any help would be appreciated.


Hi, Good idea on the leak jet. Try a 42 pilot 1 1/2 on the fuel screw and a 60 leak jet. Adjust the fuel screw and go. If you have any quetions please let me know. Thank you Mark

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