Attack Position help...

I just got a crf 250 a week ago and am getting back into riding. I have been on a YFZ 450 quad for the last 2 years and mostly rode dunes and a little track with it. Anyway, I'm comfortable jumping my new bike, can throw it around, brake, shift, throttle in the air, etc. I spent about 5 years riding and racing 125s but it's been about 9 years since and I'm trying to improve my style. I was told by a good rider that I sit a little too far back on the seat when riding and when approacing jumps. He said I was not centered over the pegs and an the bike like I should be. I think he's right but I am a taller rider and this feels comfortable to me and I do have awesome controll in jumping. I am trying to spend more time in the middle of the seat but its uncomfortable and hard to mentally condition myself to do this. Please give me any advice or photos to help me out with this, I don't want to continue to build skills with wrong form.


if its comfortable for you, and its working awesome like u say then dont change....the attack position being centered doesnt always work for everyone

how tall are you? because you know if you are like 6 foot whatever you are going to sit more back on the seat because you need more room for your knees and legs in gener.

I'm about 5'10 with long legs. I don't feel like I'm too far back but I know I'm not centered like I'm instructed to.

Just because someone told you so doesn't mean they are right. There is not a riding style out there that totally right for everyone. I do believe that we all start from a proven and preferred stance, aka Gary Bailey's 'attack position' and modify it to suit our style, build and comfort. :thumbsup:

You will never advance to the next level unless you break old habits. Granted, the advice has to be coming from a credible source. Sitting on the proper part of the seat is the first thing I changed when I stated taking lessons from a pro. I was sitting too far forward.

I just got done watching the Ryan Huges training video and I now have 4 of the gary semics videos as well. Thanks for all the info guys, I think I'm going to video tape myself and figure out where I should improve. I'm also trying to perfect the seat bounce but I keep getting kicked over the bars so maybe more gas off lip and sit up closer to the tank? All my years of riding and racing I never once tried a seatbounce...

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