XR400 dual sport rear fender

I'm in the process of dual sporting a 98 xr400. I bought the UFO rear fender extension, with turn signals and tail/stop light, but it doesn't really fit on the stock fender, and it looks funny with the stock tail light.

Before I butcher both pieces to get them to fit, anyone know of a rear motocross fender that's a bolt-on for an XR400? Will a CRF450 rear fender fit?

I looked through the acerbis and UFO stuff on the web, and they only offer an enduro fender with tail light. Anyone got any recommendations?


Blackadder :thumbsup:

Check out this thread:Let's see those XR400's There's a few bikes in there with various different rear fender/light setups. :thumbsup:

I believe Baja Designs sells their tailight seperately. It also has a brake light which you will need. A dual element bulb is better than using a shunt resistor on the stock bulb.

I did not use the baja desings set up i found that using cemoto stock fender with three wire tail light from i belive xr,s only you can get it in black or red.

paco paez

Let me know what you find Blackadder, I'm in the same boat. I like the UFO extension but it doesnt fit the stock fender. On Trick Dual Sports webpage they say a Polysport fender works with the UFO extension but I have not been able to find one. Good Luck Thx Japster

I just followed the link to Maier, liked what I saw, and ordered a fender. It looks right. I'll post again when I get it and see what I think of it.

Thanks for the tip, XR :thumbsup:

I got one of the Maier fenders and just finished installing it. It WAS predrilled despite the catalog description saying it wasn't. It bolted right up and looks really good. The cosmetic fit right where the side panels mate up wasn't perfect, but it was good enough. I bolted up an Acerbis taillight/license plate holder underneath to complete the street legal set up. I heated it to allow bending so my bolted on blinkers sit straight, and the fender tolerated this abuse very well. This looks soooooo much better than the piled on concoction needed with the stock fender. Also: For you old folks out there, the new Maier plastic is shiny and looks just like the oem and other nice plastic available out there. Their second-rate non-gloss plastic is a thing of the past. Thanks for the tip on where to find it!

Don't see the circuit diagram!

This is odd. The link works fine from my home computer, running Mozilla Firefox. I just clicked on the link above and got the whole thing, including the schematic. But I tried it on my work computer, running Internet Explorer, and the page acts very oddly, and cuts off before the schematic.

Any suggestions? I can try to save it as a pdf file and upload that :crazy:

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