ok all healed up...now what

2004 yz250,motor stock,suspension stock.

some may remember me talking about my crash on my yz250 cracked femor[sp?]cracked collar bone.dislocated shoulder,and a little more.

so i got the yz out last night and gave it a good once over and decided to give it another try,but this time i want to do it with a little more planning.

can anyone give me a good starting point for suspension settings?im 5'7"

wiegh about 170 lbs,and im new to a 250.deffinitly a beginner at motocross,

mostly an eastcoast offroad rider.also [this is a stupid question]is there anyway to slow down the throttle?it seems as though mine goes all or nothing and is very touchy for lack of a better term.that is what got me into trouble to begin with.i have been told that i should start out raising my forks in the triple clamps.also i love the power but would like to make it more controlled.would a flywheel weight be what im looking for?any help would be great.

no advice at all?

The stock suspension is good for you now, but just play around with it. It tells you how to adjust it all in the service manual. As for the powerband, i would add a flywheel weight.

Hey crash83...

Take it easy and slow to build your confidence with the bike and power.


If you feel like you are getting out of control, pull in the clutch, use the back brake and just lay it down. You can always replace the plastic.

It sounds like you dont have much experience ( we all start somewhere ) or you've never had a fast bike. The throttle is definately going to be touchy, it's a 250. Basically, however fast you turn the throttle is how quickly youll accelerate. Throttle control is very important here, the best thing you can do is go to an area with not many obstacles and practice throttle control and braking. For suspension, I would soften your shock a little, it will give a better ride and you'll have more control under acceleration. A flywheel weight is a good idea, I would go with an 11 or 13oz. They are like $100 plus getting it installed if you dont do it yourself. As for the forks. If you raise the forks, it will give you better cornering... but worse high speed stability. I prefer tapping the forks flush with the top triple clamp, because I ride a lot of high speed sections and it really helps with headshake. Good Luck man and keep riding.

I am actually ver experinced on a fast bike im coming off a very heavily modified 125[yz]but im not sure what or why im having problems getting used to the 250,i get very comfortable very quickly on it then next thing i know bam am in trouble,now i have only put it down once,but i had to stay off and heal up for 6 weeks.i jump on my buddies cr250 and have no problem,however his bikes powerspread is very simular to a 125,and i rode an 03 yz250 and dont remember the throttle being so easy or "light",plus it didnt have the "snap"of my 04,but that is what i like.i guess im contraditing myself,anyway i dont have a manual yet can anyone get me some start off points on the suspension settings?but thanks for all the help.

A flywheel weight will definitely reduce the "snap" factor. You might also consider a G2 throttle system. It can make the throttle less sensitive at mid-low throttle openings.

Found two new things today while going over the bike i believe the countershaft sproket is one size smaller than stock,also talked to the original owner[whom i got it from]today about what worked well for him suspension wise.and the cylinder has been ported and the bike has high compression piston in it.He had a pro circiut platnium 2 with a shorty on it and decided to keep it and put the stock pipe back on when he put it up for sale.Also had differnt tripple clamps[with a differnt offset? heard of that with the ktm but not a yz]so that explains the extra snap,especially if the counter sprokets been changed.thanks for the link,ill look into those as well.

If you're coming off a 125 and you ride the 250 in the same rpm area the 125 needed to be, ya the 250 2 stroke can be quiet exhilarating. Adding a -1 tooth up front then ya, that could explain alot. No suspension adjustments can soften that kinda hit.

Buddy must have been riding at SX or areanX style tracks...

it was an indoor track all the time,as for suspension i dont even know what the stock settings are comparred to where there at now.

Go back to the stock front sprocket and see if that suits you better. I think having 1 tooth smaller than stock makes a big difference in how the bike will accelerate.

what was the stock gearing?14/48?

Stock gearing on a 2004YZ250 is 14/50. 14/51 gearing works real good too.

what if i go 14/48?will that take out some snap?then i can go back to the 14/50-51 when i add the flywheel weight?remember its ported and running high compression.

It will give you more acceleration but less top speed.

what if i go 14/48?will that take out some snap?then i can go back to the 14/50-51 when i add the flywheel weight?remember its ported and running high compression.

14/48 will take out some of the snap, and add top speed. If you've got a healthy mid range, this will help a great deal from stock. It will DEFINITELY make a big difference compared to your current setup (smaller cs sprocket).

If you add teeth to the back, you will loose top speed but get better lowend or acceleration.

went yesterday,put the 14 tooth cs,as soon as i got into the harescramble loop,i cracked the throttle to lighten the front end and bam almost flipped over,i cant believe the throttle response this thing has.trying the 48 tooth sprocket next.now i rode another 250[ a cr250-and a 03 yz250]and neither one had close to the snap of mine.ended up rodding the cr the rest of the day.

dude i have a 89 yz250 and it is behaves exactly like what you've described so far. with the just a crack and this thing is almost vertical!!!! but mine is bored over, not exactly sure how much yet, but anyway it is very throttle sensitive, later


ok update,yesterday i put a 15 tooth countershaft sprocket,and left the 50 on back,i loved it it smoothed out my power like i wanted,and i still had plenty of snap when i needed it.so ill ride it like this to get used to it,and then ill go back to the 14 tooth,and i ordered a flywheel weight yesterday....now to the suspension,it is very stiff off raod.

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