Need some parts!!

I've been building a bike from spare parts I have, and need a few more things. First off I'll list what I have, and then what I need. If I miss something, let me know, and maybe you'll have it?


2005 Frame

2005 Swingarm/shock

2005 Stock Forks

2005 Gas Tank

Knock Off Footpegs/Mount

Stock XR Plastics/Seat


Set Of Wheels



Clamp/Bars (Might need them and might not. Not sure.)

I think i am going to try and build a 50 too. I was thinking about getting a knockoff off ebay for about $200 and then getting the motor and some of the parts and putting it on a crf50 frame. Then get crf50 stuff off ebay to finish it. Sounds like a good idea to me.

Thats what I was thinking of doing too! But since I have so many extra parts I might as weel just buy 3 or 4 more things, and if nothing else sell it locally or something. I'll try to get some pictures of the bike when I'm almost done/done.

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