XT350 burnt out then came back to life.

I was riding on a highway climbing a hill at about 60 when the engine locked up and skidded till I pulled the clutch in. I managed to safely pull it over to the side of the road. There was smoke pouring out of the engine around the cam area.

I quickly tried to turn the engine over,(not trying to start it). It was stuck. I pushed harder and it turned over about twice as hard. The third time it gave and turned over normally. I let it cool off for a good 5-10 minutes then started it up. It started just fine. Do you think my piston seized and I managed to free it?

The smoke kind of worried me, because I could also see this being a possible oil pump failure, but without an oil light who knows? Anyway I managed to ride it home safely, the power felt the same, it didn't try to die or anything. It starts up fine again after a couple hours. Should I be worried and check anything or should I just assume the piston froze from overheating?

It sure sounds like you are right about that. I've heard so much about how hot these bikes run that I'm thinking of looking for a temp. guage as someone suggested so this doesn't happen to mine, knock on wood! Btw what kind of oil were you running and how old was it?

10w40 Valvoline synthetic motorcycle oil, less than 500 miles on it. the thing is I've ridden it a lot harder other times, and never had the problem, so I don't see any point in worrying about it. If it happens it happens, let it cool down and hope you didn't kill it.

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