Questions on Knee Braces - Please Help

I recently bought a pair of Thor Force knee guards, they are supposed to give some support, not as much as a pair of expensive knee braces... but enough to do the trick i guess.... well recently i crashed after casing a big double out in a sand pit, i flipped over the handlebars and the bike came down on top of me, twisted my knee up and fractured my lateral meniscus... what im wondering is.... i have tried the asterisk cell knee braces on and they feel stronger than the force knee guards, but still really only offer protection from impact, not from your legs twisting, or bending weird... it seems like they will pretty much do the same thing as the thor knee guards.... i had the force guards on when i crashed, and im sure they helped a lot... but would the cells have helped more? or pretty much about the same? my leg twisted thats how it broke... i need something to keep my leg from twisting or bending from side to side.... anything out there like that? if the thor protects as much as the cell ill use those... any suggestions would be appreciated... thank you...

get some six six ones

well u need you legs to bend and move while you are riding, my friend has the asterisk knee braces and they have worked good for him

Get * Cells or CTi's. I was lucky enough to get my insurance to cover the CTi's and they have saved my knees on a few occasions.


Most knee guards are only to keep your leg from hyper extending. Not much can be done for twisting. Your legs will twist in any brace, nothing will hold your leg like you want. But remember, you need mobility to ride. Another thing a brace does is it reminds you about your knee - so if you have a bad knee you will take it easy. Exercises the muscles that surround the knees to strengthen them is one way to help prevent twisting. Talk to your Dr. and see what he/she says. They know best.

Almost all insurances will cover CTI2's as long as you get a prescription from your doctor. I have them, and they cost me nothing. Innovation sports said if bought two they would wave the deductable from the insurance. they fit, protect, and have saved me from many injuries. My brother has a set, and got landed on, and nearly killed him. however later after looking at his knee braces, the left one had a big gash into the fiberglass, but no leg injury. he sent it to CTI innovation sports and the fixed the gash free. :thumbsup:

I have a bad knee (ACL torren twice) and I have the Asterisks, and I'm going to get a pair of EVS=web or CTi2, they are some much stronger and better braces, the Asterisks are junk compeer to them, they look good and feel good, but the carbon fiber and the joints on the asterisks is week

i had the evs-web but change to the asterisks as the fit is so much better ,i also tore my acl at the end of last year while wearing the evs-web so its asterisks for me .....

if you can get the prescription don't bother with off the shelf braces. CTI2's are custom fit, and very strong. If you injure a knee wearing them, you probably have some other problems too. there is one other option, and that is Donjoy braces. I don't think they are as good as CTI2's, but are better then off the shelf stuff. Donjoy also has some neat ankle braces, that will fit in a boot.

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