back end sliding out. what to adjust?

My back end has been sliding out exiting corners more than I'd like. What settings do I need to adjust to get this sorted out a bit? Thanks

Throttle? :thumbsup:

Make sure your tyre presures are not excessive for your terrain, spring rate is correct for your weight, sag set 100-105 (KTM 110-120) try decreasing compression damping and rebound damping.

You need to be a gear higher coming out. That way when you poor it on you come off the bottom and chug and get a drive rather than being at the top and having all that power spin the back. I was practicing this the other day. I kept getting too loose then I started going in a gear high. I am starting to learn thumper patience. Use torque not revs.

try decreasing compression damping and rebound damping.

High or low speed compression? Thanks

High or low speed compression? Thanks


Depends on the type of corner you are having problem with. If its bumpy, yes decrease HS compression and remember that all compression starts low before getting into the HS range before going back into the low speed (compression goes from stopped/slow/fast/slow/stopped/rebound). So perhaps LS as well, as long as you are not comprimising suspension performance elsewhere on the track.

For dry smooth corners that you maybe having sliding issues with because of a hard surface with perhaps a little dust on it, decrease LS compression damping.

Most bikes will benefit from a little more flywheel inertia to. Extra flywheel inertia will help you get hooked up. Traction and forward motion will be greatest with about 10% tyre slippage. Anymore and you are not going as fast or have the amount of traction you could have.

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