xr 100 pilot

I just added a big gun exhaust to my daughters '03 xr 100 and it sounds great. However the bike was popping slightly on decel. I tried to raise the needle and it didn't solve the popping. I went up 1 size on the pilot and the popping has gone away and it still runs good, but I no longer need the choke to start the bike. Would it be better to have a mild popping on decel (lean) or deal with the no choke situation (rich).

Have you removed the snorkel from the airbox yet? If not remove it add a couple holes to the top of the airbox and it should help.I would also suggest a larger main when running a pipe.

Yep. The snorkel has been pulled and I a running a uni-filter. However, I am running fine at 1/2 throttle and full throttle. It's only the pilot that I want to fart with.

put a 40 and 110 in mine and it runs great.

Im running a 38 pilot, 105 main and raised the needle 1 notch. This seems pretty close. FMF exhaust, Twin Air filter w/ the wire rats nest ripped outta the filter cage, Snorkle removed and hole enlarged + additional hole in airbox.

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