Trailteach Endurance computer

Any one know how to get the trailtech Endurance computer to work? I am so confused (:thumbsup::thumbsup::confused::bonk: ) all all the things I got to do.

do you even have a trailtech endurance computer thingy majigger?

yes because i am the fastet guy in the world

I have to keep the instruction manual with me because I still get confused.

I do not believe that it is very user friendly but it works excellent to get me the info that I need. :thumbsup:

I recently bought two of these computers (one for me and one for a friend). I could NOT get them to go into the programming mode described in the instructions until I realized that I had to press the center button VERY HARD. Then both of them worked. If this had happened to only one of the units, I've had thought it was a one time defect, but since both were both like this (one was a bit worse than the other) I suspect this could be a more common defect. Try pressing hard on the center button when programming it and see if that helps.

I am interested in getting one of these things. I want the Lynx just because you can wire it into your bike electrical system and it has a full time backlight. One of the other members posted this link which got me thinking. I get the feeling those Trailtech units are probably produced in a similar region of the world and if a guy was motivated he could probably buy one of these damn things and rewire it to his needs for 1/10th of the price. I'm waiting for a little more info and then I might give it a try.


I set up one of these computers on our friends quads, didn't have to push the buttons hard though. :thumbsup: However, it is a little confusing with all the features it has. I programed a few things for him (maintenance schedule and oil changes), other than that - I couldn't get the thing to go past 57 mph. :thumbsup: I know I was going faster, but it would just stop at that speed. Had another person told me that's all the faster he could get his also. Has anyone else been able to get theirs past the 57 mph mark?

.....yeah, sounds like it's made in china

I have 2 of them never had a problem in almost a year. Easy to setup and seem to be pretty water and mud proof. Just make sure that the wheel size is correct and all of mine go above 57 MPH :thumbsup:

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