05 450 forks on an 04?

I've seen quite a few sets of 05/06 forks for sale on ebay. Any idea how well they would work on an 04 CRF450 in relation to turning? :thumbsup: I know the frame geometry was changed, but I'm thinking of the 2mm movement of the forks in relation to the front axle. That ought to be a great mod for tight turns. :bonk:

The real reason I started looking was because I had some pool chemicals mix in the air with the high humidity here in South Carolina and it formed on my outer fork tubes and started eating away at them. :bonk: Not through them, but enough at the area where the seals are and where the triple clamps are to make me nervous. The rest of the bike is ok, but I figured if I need new upper tubes, why not get the whole 05/06 forks off ebay? :thumbsup:

Come on guys, Shawn MC, you gotta know something. :confused:

getting a set of 05 or 06 forks for your 04, will give you the same result as fitting a set of 22mm tripel clamps. :thumbsup:

I don't think 05 forks would pull the axle back... isn't that what the frame did? If you updated your forks they would still be in the stock position, no? I mean if you use the 04 frame and clamps there would be no change. It's not like the forks are bent in...

<edit> unless the axle was moved back in the lugs :thumbsup:

They are the same forks. only in 06 did they shave 5mm off the top but still the same forks.

Here's the truth...the '05 forks have the front axle mounted 2mm further back than the '04 forks, it is a change in the lugs. The '06 forks have the same lugs as the '05, and thus the same axle mounting position, but are 7mm shorter so they mount flush with the top clamp instead of 7mm up in the stock position.

Will they work in an '04? Absolutely. In fact, the works 'B-kit' forks from '04 had the same lower lugs and offset as the '05 does stock, and my best friend runs a set of '04 B-kit forks on his '05 with no change whatsoever. I run '05 forks on my '02, same basic frame as an '04, with 20mm offset clamps and it works great. Can I tell the difference in the 2mm change? I don't know, my '05 forks are so much better than the '02 forks that I can't be sure what the lug offset change is doing and what the rest of it is doing. I can tell you for a fact that it will not be a problem.

'05 works forks on my '02:


Thanks MXADDICT, that's the answer I was looking for. I thought I had read that they moved the axel mounting lugs. I know I won't get the '05 frame, but I'm trying to get my '04 to last until the new EFI CRF 450's come out. Then I will buy a new bike.

Getting the '05 fork may be advantageous for your '04 gen 3 frame. IF you don't like how the 2mm less offset winds up being on your bike, you would be able to slide the fork flush w/ top clamp, and get some more adjustability.

Last question on this guys, does the CRF450X have the same forks as the CRF450R? :thumbsup:

I know the valving and springs might be different, but Im concerned about the external parts (lug, outer and inner fork tubes)? :thumbsup:

Thanks in advance! :confused:

If any of you guys decide you want a brand new(well, has 2 rides on them)set of 05crf450r forks in mint condition, i will let them go for $500 plus shipping.

I have run B-kit works forks that I had from my old bike.


The only thing you'll need to do the swap, is youll need 05' lower fork leg guards and 05' aluminum clamp for your front brake line

I sent you a PM Funchaser400.

Sweet. Thanks for all the replies guys!!!!

I also have a set of 04 CRF forks for sale with a Life time Factory Connection Revalve, .40 Spings I am asking $450 for the forks. If you are nervous about dealing with someone you do not know, I can ship them to your dealer for inspection or to Factory Connection and they can ship them to you.

Happy Trails

Mike Sigety


they will work my buddy blew up his 03 with suspension work and bought an 05 an put them on right away.

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