Please help with starting problem

Apologies if I sound a bit thick.

I started my GasGas450 this morning to check it was Ok - did the usual chain, air filter etc.

It started fine ticked over for a few minutes so I stopped it.

Went to ride this afternoon, tried to start - when I turn the key the oil pump does not fire up. tried several times - no sound from the oil pump. Bike turns over ok.

I have checked the kill switch, ingition, connectors, fuses as it feels like an electrical problem but no change

Any ideas what the problem could be?

There was nothing strange when it ran earlier?

I have had this happen to my old bike, and it's the connectors on the battery that are my problem, and some times it's all the dust in the fuse-box, just clean all the fuses and try the battery

I think you mean the fuel pump not the oil pump. Did you check the connection under the seat or connection on the injector itself?

Inspect (all) your wires and connectors. Had the same problem once, and one teeny weeny wire (near a cheapshitdeluxe type connector) had broken.

New connector and problen solved :thumbsup:

Try swapping the relay's

Battery leads and earth (grounds) are the most likely.

Apologies - I do mean fuel pump.

I have found the problem - (after taking everything appart) the problme was in the start / stop switch. The terminals must have stuck closed (after pressing stop). after some playing aring it freed up and worked Ok.

I assume some crap must have got in although it is kept fairly clean and protected.


for your help.

I thought thats what it would turn out to be as my buddy had the exact same thing happen to his. It took 2 hours on the trail to figure it out though.

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