CR style Frt brake line on 02 YZ???

Does anybody know the trick to mounting a Galfer CR style front brake line onto a 2002 YZ 250? I think this will improve my brakes feel and I already purchased the line. I'm just trying to figure how to keep it from rubbing on the fork tube.

Thanks in advance for help!



Im not 100% sure about the Galfer kit but I put a CR style brake kit on my bike and a friends bike. I used the Ride Engineering kit and it didnt rub on the fork tube. On yours, is it rubbing on the lower fork tube or upper??? And yes it will increase brake power.

Maybe you have to buy a plastic clamp that holds it about 1/4 inch away from the tube.

Thanks for the help!


Litespeed (Light Speed?) makes lower fork leg protectors (both carbon-fiber and plastic) for YZs that are set-up for CR-style routing. :thumbsup:

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