would it be worth the money to buy reeds for my cr?Or should I buy a pipe.I've also thought about porting.


Porting is definitely worth the money, but you should replace your reeds as normal maintenance. Look at them and tell us what condition they are in. BTW, leave the stock pipe on, spend the money elsewhere.

I would also stay with the stock pipe I have an 05CR250R taht I just put a v-force reed in and it works wonders try it you will like.

I would like to know how to tune the RCvalve

Im with TChilders.

Porting is the best bang for your buck.

Check out

i would just port if i was you :thumbsup:

i don't know about keeping the stock pipe.

i put a SST on my 02 cr250 and it made a great gain in power.

it gave it a nice hit and the top end runs out a whole lot more.

porting is good too.

as far as reeds. i have tried lots but they seem to only produce mild results for me.

the first thing i always do for power on a two smoker is a pipe.

I noticed the difference when I put on a FMF Fatty. Make sure everything is maintained and working correctly before you spend on new parts. As soon as you buy the new thing an old thing will break while your wallet is empty.

I would like to know how to tune the RCvalve

FWIW, the stock '02 reed cage is a poor design and can cause reeds to prematurely fray/crack/break. The '03-up reed cage is a better design but will requires the 'stuffers' to be cut off the '02's stock intake manifold, much like the V-force so the same care must be taken so you don't damage the sealing o-ring (that's molded into the manifold). A cheap way to gain some reliability. Minor gains can be had from the Rad Valve and V-Force, but the money is better spent elsewhere IMHO.

Pipe and a milled head would be a good start. Porting is one of the last mods I would do,, there is so much more to do as far as mods go before porting.


Oh ya, reeds:) You should check your reeds often for normal wear and replace as needed. a good set of carbon fiber reeds will work very nice but check them even more often than stock reeds, they do wear out fast.


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