How long should a sprained ankle take to heal?

I sprained my left ankle riding about 5 weeks ago, and it still hurts. I can walk on it with no pain, but if I move it certain ways, it hurts. For example, if I turn it to the left, it hurts. When I wake up in the morning, it hurts also. The Xray said not broken, but I'm wondering if I messed up some tendons or something.

Edit: Forgot to mention It was very bruised and swollen for the first week or so. In fact, there is still a slight amount of swelling, 5 weeks after the incident. Thats another thing I am worried about.

Usually only a week for me. You might have got a little bit more than a normal sprained though.

The key to getting a sprain to heal is to stay off of it. That's the hardest part, the more you walk on it the longer it takes.

A serious sprain will take a loong time to get better, but if you exercise it, it will get better faster. When i sprained mine; the doc gave me a big rubber band to do resistance type training; left, right, up and down. You need to rebuild the strength and get range of motion back. On a really bad sprain, you could have arthritic-like symptoms for up to a year or more. You can tell when the weather is changing too.

It is said that sprains are worse that breaks...

Good luck!


The weird thing about it is I was able to walk around on it fine the next day. I thought this has happened before, no big deal. I guess not.

I did ride for about 2 hours after the injury, so I'm guessing that had something to do with it.

You can tell when the weather is changing too.

Sweet! I've always wanted to do that! "A storm's a brewin, I can feel it in ma bones" :thumbsup:

Man I couldn't even walk for two weeks, I mean I was limping to get to my classes. And my friends were making fun of me since I was walking so slow. But after those two weeks I completly healed.

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