Another 20mm carb question

I'm running a kitaco 75cc cylinder kit and everything else in the motor is stock, even the pipe. Everything on the chassis has been changed. I can't help but tinker on it...

Full Hydraulic inverted front end and extended swing arm with a Works shock and then I matched up disc brakes front and rear. These were the last mods... Waiting on 12 inch wheels and motard rubber.

I have a 20mm carb and was considering putting it on...

Any suggestions on jetting...?

I'm in Austin TX. at around 400ft elevation.

going to be tough without a cam, so small, probly smaller your going to be able to find.

thanks for the input...

I'll hold off for awhile...

maybe go with a cam and HD clutch then pop it on...

yea if you have a stock cam then it would probably ony be able to use a 75-78 main jet. i did some testing with the 20mm on a takegawa cam ( barely bigger than stock ) and i could only run an #80 main jet and was still too rich, but that was the smallest ihad dratv has teh "small type" keihin jets though i think in sizes 58- over 100 if you feel like messing with it

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