Winter Riding Pics

These are some still pictures of the fun we had over the Winter.

I figured it would be cooler to make a slideshow video out of them with some music.

Click here to watch picture-collage

Sweet :thumbsup:

looks like you had quite a bit of fun :lol:only one thing that let it down and that was the music because its sucked but the slideshow was good :thumbsup::confused::thumbsup::bonk:

some of those hills lokked tough

I know the music was kind of old school, and slow, Ronnie James Dio, but I thought it kind of fit the pics, should of been in my Nightmares, instead of Dreams!

some of those hills lokked tough

Did you check out the root system about 10 feet from the top on that one hill? :thumbsup:

Man I love seeing stuff like that! Thanks for posting! :thumbsup:

my kind of riders!!! snow, who cares!!

my kind of riders!!! snow, who cares!!

Yea we studded our tires and rode all winter, what a blast. And during the rides even with 5 inches of fresh snow NONE of the hills were skipped. :thumbsup:

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