KDX200 vs. KX250 for beginner

I have had folks suggest both bikes as good ones to look at for starters.

What would be the pros and cons of each of these for a beginning rider?

BTW, I am 5'7", about 185 and have a 30-32" inseam.

The KX250 is going to be a handful ... that said, if you are determined, you can conquer it. Might be tough at times tho. You will probably want to cut the seat down to make it a little more comfortable to touch the ground.

(now this is the part where everybody is going to chime in and tell you to get a TTR125. hahaha)

Seriously, I put out the word on a couple of bike forums to get ahold of me if anyone comes across a used KDX or something similar.

A KDX is a trail-ready dirt bike, the KX is a full on motocrosser, there's prob'ly a 25 HP difference between the 2...the KX will have stiffer, taller suspension, 19" rear wheel, less fuel capacity and be more brutal on trails. Not a good beginners bike.

The KDX would be a good choice, and you'd be able to ride it for years without wanting more power. When you do want more power, the parts are available to pump up the KDX.

The KDX is a much better choice.

kx = fully fledged motocrosser big no no for beginners, kdx is a more tame trailbike, even when compared to my 650 (which has an obscene amount of power close to 50 horsepower at the rear wheel) the 250 mx bikes still have alot of power

A third suggestion......... A bike I have a special place in my heart for is a KTM 200.

Whatever you find, at a price that works for you. All the bikes are good, and they all go only as fast as you twist the throttle. The kx250 will be a little lighter weight than the kdx200, and the KTM 200 will be lighter yet.

I'm 5'8" and started on a cr250 in 1991. So long as you respect the power and ride within your limits any bike will work for a beginner.


They really are two different bikes. For a beginner i would say the kdx200.

If I was you I would get a KDX. The KX is ALOT faster than the KDX, saying that it can be a bit safer having a powerfull bike, if you get your self into trouble. :thumbsup:

Late last year I bought my 15 y/o son a nicely restored '92 KDX 200 for his first bike. He's 5'8", 140ish. The bike is perfect for him. I'd never consider putting him on a KX250 until he has much more experience. He's having a blast on the KDX and I see no chance of him outgrowing it anytime soon anyway. If you want to ride motocross, you'll eventually want a KX. If you want something to learn on and trailride, you can't go wrong with the KDX200.

I was able to get out yesterday and test fit some bikes. Pretty much everything O sat on would work as far as size/height goes. I found a shop that had a used KDX200 and was able to spend some time on it and get a feel for it. Of all the bikes I sat on that one was as close to a perfect fit as I could get.

I now know that a 125 anythign is way too small for me due to my longer leg length. I felt really cramped on the 125s I sat on.

So I made the guy an offer for his KDX (the one I have been looking at, not the one at the shop yesterday).

Waiting to hear back on if he will accept or what.

the 125 mx bikes are usually bigger by an inch than the 250s :thumbsup:

KDX man, its great bike it was my come upper bike and i decked it out and it can run with the big boys. The kx with be harder to handle but you can conquer it if you are determined but it will be rougher in trails and a taller bike. The kdx can be gentle but alos has the balls to go rocketing. I say get the kdx. If your looking for one, im looking to get rid of mine.

Of course the KTM 200 is the most superior bike ever produced :thumbsup: and Tiff's welcome to try mine whenever it's convenient :thumbsup:

The KDX isn't significantly shorter than any of the MX bikes and in fact feels taller since it is wider through the seat and tank. However, it's still a good ride if you can find a good deal on one.

A guy in the Loveland paper was advertising a KDX250. I know it's not the 200 but it's newer than what she's looking at and he wants $800. They're good bikes and would probably be decent for you to learn on.

Here's the ad.

1990's KAWASAKI KDX 250, $800. (303)947-5162.

The 200/220 is a nice bike. I'd also look at XR250's, KLX300's, etc. Buy the newest one you can afford.

Have not heard anything on the KDX250. Will have to do soem reading and see what it's about.

I definitely want to balance cost with vintage and get the newest I can without breaking the bank.

I mean, I could go finanace a new bike, then figure out after ride no. 3 or something that I just don't like the sport...then I am stuck so starting out with something on the cheaper end of the spectrum will go a long ways toward helping me advance in the sport.

KDX would be good. Buy a used bike and you can sell it for what you paid for it. Most dealers are gonna be a little high compared to private sellers. I wouldn't finance one for the reasons you just gave.

sounds like you have the URGE to get a GREEN bike

and a SMOKER

why so?

there are lots of nice, tame, full size beginner bikes out there

in all different colors

sounds like you have the URGE to get a GREEN bike

and a SMOKER

why so?

there are lots of nice, tame, full size beginner bikes out there

in all different colors

Tame is not in my vocabulary. :thumbsup:

Basically, I asked several folks for suggestions for a good beginner bike that I wouldn't outgrow quickly and the consensus has been the KDX200/220 for a number of reasons. Ease of finding parts, better learning curve, won't outgrow it...things like that.

If you have another suggestion then toss it out there.

i went back to 4 strokes because of the lower maintanence, might be another consideration to throw into the mix, bit of money into a crf for new jets and derestrictingit is easy enough and they will run how they should :thumbsup:, i love the powerband of the 4 stroke, the xr can go from tame to nasty (especially if your behind it, accidently sprayed my mate with gravel at 60km/h) at my command

Here's a KDX for $500 in Greeley on Craigslist.


I think she's referring to some of the bikes I mentioned. XR250 or KLX300, TTR250, DRZ250, etc. Either one will do what the KDX will. They are a little more tame. Some like the DRZ and TTR may be tougher to find at low prices since they aren't that old.

I'd just stay away from bikes like the TTR225, CRF230, etc. If you plan on riding hard, these won't do the job for very long and you'll be looking for another bike.

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