Jetted my 06

just got done jettin my new bike wasnt gettin anything outta the top

185 main

45 pilot

3rd clip

72 leak jet

ride at about 70 feet above seal level and thse new settings really bring my bike to life i also put a yz250 airfilter cage on to breathe more air into.

what is with everyoine putting a 40 leak jet on what does that do opposed my my 72 dont know much about the LJ?

Your main jet is way on the rich side. More fuel does not always mean more power. Just like 2 strokes, 4strokes loose power with over rich jetting.

Ive dynoed the non screened filter cage in the 06 YZF 250. No change in power.

I would recommend for pump fuel close to sea level, 175 to 178 range on the main. Race fuel 170 to 175.

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