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None of the LOCAL authorities can answer my questions for sure as to what I need on my bike. The DMV says to ask the cops, the cops say to ask the DMV. Typical small-town clown act.

But, hunting around online, I found CO's state laws regarding motorcycles. It said a headlight and taillight and brake light were required, but turn signals were not.

Now my final questions are: Does the headlight NEED to be hi-lo beam? If it does, the state laws did not specify that. Second, I did not see any requirements for mirrors yet I'm fairly sure such would be needed. What are the laws regarding that, or are they not required?

Thanks guys! It's time to get this thing plated, finally.

"Officially" All you need is a headlight no hi beam. Tail tight with break light, horn, DOT tires and 1 rearview mirror. Go to a CO plate office and they have a form you have to fill out saying you did all this to your bike. "their is no vehicle check" So if you forget to do something don't worry about it "Wink Wink". If you have a title you can just fill out the form and get plates. If you just have a Certificate of origin you will need to get a VIN verification done. Call around to local car dealerships and they should be able to do it and they have the paperwork needed. One here in Castle Rock did mine for free.

Heres a link to the compliance form. It states everything you need:


Thanks for the link. I do have to have it inspected since it was plated out of state, so I need to get the safety stuff updated. I don't know how thorough an inspection they do at that time. I know for road vehicles, it's only to check VINs, they didn't mess with anything else, but I didn't want to find out the hard way on my bike.

Are you SURE you have to get it inspected? I've never had my bikes inspected to get a plate. For a VIN Verification just go to Grease Monkey or any place that does emissions. I would NOT have it inspected by the police.

I just did my XR650R last week and it was no problem. I don't even have any of that stuff on my bike yet and got the plate.

Worst case, go over to Greeley some day and do it there if your town is too small and hassles you.

Since it's registered and plated out of state, yes. it's not that big a deal and i don't anticipate too many problems with it. The Jeep was easy and they didn't hassle me any. I'll just hang the headlight and taillight back on it and try that way first. All I really need is a brake light switch and a mirror of some type. Any good ideas on a super cheap one?

A friend of mine from Florida just moved here and all he needed was a VIN verification for his out of state bike.

www.rockymountainatv.com has a folding mirror for $18.

Sweet, I knew RMMC would have something. I have their catalog laying around here somewhere. I love their catalog, love their prices and service, hate their web site.

A VIN check all I really anticipate. They didn't sound like they needed to make a full safety inspection, they just check VINs on out of state vehicles. However showing up with no lights whatsoever on the bike seemed like a bad idea. I doubt he'd mess around with testing the taillight to see if it's a brake light too, would he? Hope not. I'll have to order a switch on Tuesday but I want to get the bike inspected before then.

Oh, also the laws say that reflectors on the back and a license plate light are required. Do they really check for that crap? The damn plate's reflective so who cares.

If you have the police do the VIN check they may want all the street legal stuff to do it. But a dealership or other place could care less. They didn't even need mine out of the truck. He just looked at the vin and filled out the paper work. Also check out www.bajadesigns.com They have break switches and all the street legal stuff you could need. Their web site can be a pain though. Just call them if you don't see what you need.

I'll check out BD, but EE and KTM have switches too. KTMs are cheaper than EE and all but 2 of the KTM part numbers were cheaper than BD. I'll have to wait until Tuesday to call and see which KTM one I need.

I'll try the cop first. I think he needs to do it for the DMV to accept it, but I will try a dealer if not. I live in the back end of nowhere and I bet the cop will OK it. All I need is that mirror and brake switch anyway so if they don't do it without them, I'll just go back when they come in from ordering.

Does it matter if the mirror is on the right or the left side if you only need one?

The document doesn't state Left or Right. Just that you must be able to see 200' feet to the rear from it.

How in the hell do they measure that? does that mean it has to be a certain size? how retarded. I think whatever mirror i stick on there will have to do.

Oh I just thought of another question. Do you HAVE to put the plate on so it's visible from the rear on the black fender or can I put it up top on the orange one? I take the black one off, a lot.

How in the hell do they measure that? does that mean it has to be a certain size? how retarded. I think whatever mirror i stick on there will have to do.

Thats how I feel about it. I don't have one. But I am getting one. I feel kinda uneasy not knowing whats back their. Sorry officer, how long were you following me? :thumbsup:

I don't plan on doing more than MAYBE zipping around town on it, or mostly using it to connect to trails from campgrounds or staging areas when needed. I certainly don't plan on riding around on it much. It's not exactly comfortable to do that, plus the kickstand is broken, so riding it to work would be a little silly. I'd have to chain it to the telephone pole and lock it up like a bicycle. Plus, if it's street legal, I can take it to the DMV wherever they do testing (i think I have to go to Ft. Morgan or Brush) to take the tests and get my endorsement. Would rather do that cone weave on the KTM than a street bike, that's for sure!

I plated mine primarily for the Moab trip I am taking with my family in 2 weeks. but I am close enough to work to ride it their. We have a secure parking area and it's 10 Min's away. But that is about all the street riding I plan on.

Good luck to you.

thanks for your help and have fun in Moab! i was there 2 weeks ago and it ROCKED.

I'll try the cop first.

DO NOT DO THIS!!!!!!!!!

Go get the VIN Verified by a gas station/emissions testing station. Here is the old form. Grease Monkey will have the new forms at the facility. The VIN Verification has nothing to do with street legal compliance. All that is checked is the VIN against your paperwork and vehicle. Take your old registration and the bike along with the form below.


Mount the plate wherever you want. I've even cut my plate down to fit on the back of the KTM 300 EXC. The BRP, I just bolted to the rear fender. I have a dinosaur head squeeze horn that I bought at a bicycle shop.

You can get a super cheap mirror for the bike from Walmart if you want to. If you do it right, get an Acerbis one. It has a ball joint pivot so you can fold it flat in front of the handlebars when riding and fold it up when you get on the road. The mirror should be on the left side. If you only have one on a car, it is typically on the left.


These guys have the cheapest hydraulic switch I've found. Ask for Forrest. Too bad I didn't know you needed one as I just placed an order with him last Wednesday. http://www.wheelingcyclesupply.com/shop?action=category&cat_id=72#1926

I can't tell you how STRONGLY I recommend NOT going to the Police for any part of this procedure. It is not needed and your chances of failure increase greatly.

If you ride the bike to a store or work, carry a padlock and run it through the hole in your front disk for the cheapest lock possible. If you feel like spending some $$ get a kryptonite disk lock.

The VIN inspection does nothing to check for 'equipment compliance'. I had a Denver cop sign off on my first pass. I got grief from the DMV because I filled out most of the form for the officer; just having him sign. The DMV didn't like that. Have whoever does the inspection fill out the whole sheet. BTW, I had a State Trooper fill out my next inspection sheet for the DMV. (Wasting more taxpayer money while he did all my paperwork). I live on the same street as both officers.

Verification of Vehicle Identification Number

This form:

Certificate of Equipment Compliance

just puts the issue of compliance on the owner/operator. If you get pulled over, you could perjure yourself if you don't play by the rules. I have all this stuff on my bike.

You will be pulled over and checked out if you have mud on your plate or the officer can't see it. But, if you play by the rules, you don't have to worry. :thumbsup:

A bicycle horn, a MSR-type foldup mirror, break light, headlight, DOT tires and eye protection is all you need.

The M Endorsement driving test was done at a Harley dealership after hours by a retired cop. On my dirt bike. All he cared about was that it had a tag. He made a point about that was all he cared about, too.

Like Vmax said, DON'T go to the cops unless you really really really have to.

You will be sorry.

And don't even think about writing in any of the info on the VIN verification yourself.

Guaranteed return trip back to the dealer to get another VIN verification form filled out.

Since it's registered and plated out of state, yes. it's not that big a deal and i don't anticipate too many problems with it. The Jeep was easy and they didn't hassle me any.

If your bike already has plates from another state you should have a title. I could be wrong, but since you have a title I don't think you need a vin number check, or a certificate of compliance. At worst you might have to provide a compliance cert, which is all on your word anyway. They can slam you pretty good if you get pulled over and are out of compliance. Still, many do not have all the equipment. I don't run DOT tires and they can KMA. You could have a broken headlight during a daytime pullover and they can't really cite you for it.

I had my VIN verification done at an emissions testing center. The guy that did it started looking for the odometer and stuff and I had to point out to him that all he was supposed to do was verify the VIN. He wanted to argue and I told him to read the form. So he read it, verified the VIN and I was back to the DMV.

I'm not sure I'd try to get my motorcycle license with a barely legal bike. The examiners seem to be bigger sticklers than the cops if they are in a bad mood.

I'd borrow a fully legal bike.

BTW, as far as lights go there is one line on the conversion form that is important.

Note: Head lamps, tail and stop lamps must be equivalent to lamps used as original equipment on the motorcycles manufactured for highway use.

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