HELP yz400f

I got a 1998 yz 400f, and want to do an oil change. The bike has no dipstick the previous owner put some aftermoarket deal on there... how much oil does the bike require??? Thanks guys.

Here is the specs.....Total amount of oil is 1.80 US quarts. Use this amount if you drained the oil from every drain point on the bike. 1.70 US quarts if you only drain the oil and replace the oil filter, and 1.60 US quarts if you simply drain the oil from the crank case....Hops this helps.

the easiest measurement I found was to go by cc's

Total capacity 1700 cc

with filter change 1600cc

without filter change 1500 cc

If I were you I would get a new dipstick :thumbsup:

Is it the Dr D thing that no longer stores the oil in the frame? If so, you will need much less oil than stock. Also, they stopped selling this kick becuase people where encountering some reliability issues.


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