Dove Springs or Cal City Tues 11th

Not sure of the staging area or ride but had the following in mind.

Stage at Jawbone and head north through Dove Springs, gas at Bradys, explore a few cabins etc. Mostly smooth jeep trails. No whoops. 150-180 miles. Must have 90 mile fuel range.

Second idea is Cal City, Johannesburg for gas, Husky Monument, Hinkley for gas, Rainbow Basin, back through the Black Hills, across Dry Lake, gas in Johannesburg(if needed), then on to the trucks. This loop is about 205 miles.

Must have 90 miles fuel range. This is mostly 5 gear, jeeps trails, fireroads and lot's of deep sand. Nothing technical but lot's of miles. No whoops.

Anyone interested?

I'm up for the Jawbone staged ride. I want to see Robber Roost again, and see these cabins/ruins.

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