05 yz250f vs 05 kx250f ???

was wondering how these 2 dirt weapons compare.

reliability of kxf motor and valves ??

anyfeedback will be appreciated. :thumbsup:

Good reliability all round now, look back through our forum for the 06's, not any/many problems.

he is talking about 05s. I have nothing againts the KX-F and think they are fine bikes. But reliablitly wise the YZ-Fs shine, second only to KTMs.

I read the yz to be better in mags since the motor is older and like a rock. Good luck with your pick.

thanx for the feed, didn't really pick up anywhere that there were any prob's with the 05 kxf was just wondering bout the valve prob's on these machines?

speed wise how do they rate against the other in the class?

jedsterjed , i notice you have a 06 kxf and before that a 04 rmz , any problems???

no problems but loose bolts on both and gear shift issue 2nd to 3rd on 06 so far and will fix that with info from group. :thumbsup:

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