Need help quick! Rebuilding 03 YZ450F

I got my suspension done and started working to get the bike put back together. I found that when I put the swingarm back on and tightened it to the specified 61 ft/lbs the swingarm is very stiff, almost impossible to move. I was looking in the manual and I noticed something that is making me think I forgot something in re-assembly. If you look at the following diagram (Swingarm Diagram ) and look at #8 it says they are "collars" but I don't remember taking them off and the manual isn't that helpful. Is the swingarm supposed to be stiff without the shock in place or am I doing something wrong? I have taken this apart before and don't remember having this much trouble.

My question is this part #8 listed above is it a semi-permanent part of the swingarm (like bearings) or can it just come off like the collars on the linkage? Also, does anyone have a picture of these little SOB's so I can search my garage for them? Thanks a ton!


Swingarm should move easily. Normally those collars would stay inside that oilseal. Best of luck finding them.

Timo Mc

Okay, I am not sure how or why but all of a sudden on my 4th attempt putting this thing on and tightening the bolts down everything fit's like butter and the swingarm is smooth as silk. Who knows, but I know I didn't lose any parts! Thanks!

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