Parts Unlimited chains

Does anyone have experience using Parts Unlimited chains (namely the x ring they sell)? I am sure they are not as good as a $100 o-ring chains but that isn't so important to me. I have just replaced the sprockets on my bike and I want a decent chain that will leave me with enough for gas money to put in the thing. I ride a KTM LC4 600 which has been converted to a dual sport. I probably spend as much time on the road as I do in the dirt. If there are any other good reasonably priced chains I would like to know about them.

Regina X-Ring, Excellent chain

Primary Drive chains are really good and reasonably priced. Rocky Mountain has them here is the link.

The P/U chains are fine - unless you're a young guy hooked on the bling factor.

The standard parts unlimited chains (the $40 chains) are absolute crap. I got one for my 450F because I was in a pinch and that thing sucks. After 4 rides the thing is all kinked up and stretched. I even lubed it before every ride too. Total time on the chain might be 15 hours and it is done. Dont know about the x-ring or o-ring but the standard chain sucks.

How about primary drive sprockets. Any good?

How about primary drive sprockets. Any good?

So far, so good. I use the steel sprockets and they are holding up very well. :thumbsup:

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