06 kx250f engine plugs not tightened

my buddy just got an 06 kx250f. he was riding it the other week and he noticed it was squeeling, he looked down and the plug that you take out to line up the crank to time it fell out and leaked out his oil. he brought it back to the kawi dealer and told them he wanted the engine completly disasembled and checked. thankfully the eninge was fine but it could have been alot worse. and i told 2 other of my friends who have 06 kawis that they checked the plug and they were only hand tightened. :thumbsup::thumbsup::confused:

I heard of that happening before I even bought my 06. So I went and got PC engine plug kit before my 1st ride and I have never had an issue. I believe in preventive maintenance , Not Corrective maintenance.

thats why people like me check everything before every ride.

yerp, check everything before hand....

i seen a thread on here about someones timing plug falling out and the motor locked up cuz the was no oil left, after i seen that i went out and tightned them and they were real loose to! make sure u check urs!

the same thing happen to my 05' last summer but all the oil didnt leak out.

i love my bike, it handles awesome, super strong motor, very pleased. but to be honest, i thing stevie wonder could have done a better job of assembly. before i even rode it i greased all the bearings. how much is grease worth to the Kawasaki Corp.? must be expencive in japan. and like has been said, bolts just werent tight. its good now. but build quality compared to my KTM, cant match it.

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