610 and setting sag?

What do you 610 owners weigh? What did you set the rear sag to? I weigh 175 and am wondering if the spring on the TE-610 is going to be too firm not allowing enough sag. I sat on the bike at dealer but had street clothes on and bike had no fuel; but considering that it felt as if it didn't move much. They hadn't adjusted it from factory settings from which I understand are high preload. TIA for any help, Dan

I can't remember what rate spring is stock on '06 TE610, but my dealer told me that it seems to be a fairly high rate. He thought that was done because of passenger and luggage weight considerations. When riding his dealer demo, the bike doesn't want to squat down under acceleration and spins easily. My dealer uses the demo as his personal bike, as he is light he went to a lower rate spring to get correct sag. If you're 175lbs you may be light for the spring to get correct sag. 100mm of sag should be the ballpark.


IMHO, the fork also has substantial stiction from new. Mine is starting to loosen up a little now, but still a long way to go.

Norman the spring is a 6kg 4mm. Does that sound right? I will be a little heavier with gear and fuel but from what little info I can find it sounds like it may be too heavy...TIA Dan

p.s. if it is not correct weight where can I aquire the right one?

If your dealer looks at you like you have a square head, call Fran at Bottones.

www.bottonesjobetcycles.com Also home of ACE suspension. They usually have springs in stock or can get them fast. As I mentioned, Fran rides an '06 TE610.


Thanks a million Norman, will call Frank asap. Dan

I weigh 175 also and at 400 miles, my springs seem to be settling a bit, especially after a little mild offroading. I had to back off the preload quite a bit to get any sag at all!

Viking were you able to get the sag to 100mm? I am hoping I can take all the preload out and it will drop...here's to crossed fingers :thumbsup:

Follow up. Dealer set the sag but said they could only release enough preload for 3" sag as the spring would be loose and rattle. The thing that has me confused is there is still quite a bit of thread left on the shock. It looks like they only backed it off a little. How far down are your retainer rings and what do you wiegh??? TIA Dan

Best I can measure mine is 1-3/8" from the top thread to the top of the adjuster ring. I'm 195 and have 100 mm of sag. Jim.

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