My new vid

This is a vid of my buddies and me on one particular jump near my home in Croydon. I'm the doofus at the end, always learning.

ouch, that musta hurt

You guys have a bad habit of letting off the gas at the lip... You need to stay on it the whole time or you'll endo. :thumbsup:

I liked it. You really made a lot of a little hill.

yea keep going down stop at the top :thumbsup:

Croydon??? lol wat a shit hole..........

j/k. looks like a nice riding area, ya do much greenlaning??

cool lil vid...

Shoot man that was awesome. Looks like you hurt your shoulder though. :thumbsup: That Sux. Looks like you guys had alot of fun. Thanks for postin er up. :thumbsup:

Ow.... Don't let off the gas so much, and lean back a bit.... Hold the bike with your legs also. :thumbsup:

Unless you like grass... :thumbsup:

clever editing......

Looked like stacks of fun, I loved it! Nice face plant too!!


I thought it was good

Goes to show you dont have to be a pro to just have fun. JUST RIDE!!!

Nice vid!

Nice cinematography, I enjoyed it much more that "Workquad Wheelies" LOL

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