subtanks drilling question

I made a set of subtanks but I was wondering if I need drill at a angle on my 01 YZ250F fork caps? Do people drill at a angle only to clear there handlebars? Or do they drill at a angle because the 1/8npt nipple doesn't screw in properly?

Here is my subtank setup:

Haha. The pics are green because I put the camera on night pix.

But will I need to drill at a angle with my subtank setup? Also if you guys want I could go take a pic of fork cap right now? And I have access to 03 YZ250F (bro's bike) forkcaps would they be better?

i made a set similar to yours. i took my die-grinder and ground alittle of the flat on the cap. it doesn't take much. then i drilled straight down and tapped.i am having trouble getting mine dialed in on my 02 250f. still testing though. let me know how you come out. how much are you going to raise your oil level? good luck

Nice set RideRaceLive123 :thumbsup: All the sets I've seen just drill straight down.

Blue333 I didn't have really any trouble with mine. Just cranked those valves to 8 turns out and enjoyed it ever since :thumbsup: I'm still not bottoming either. The thing I noticed was once I put the tanks on the front end rode a lot lower so I ended up having to turn the rebound out a few clicks to get it to ride higher in the stroke again.

joshb, did you add any oil to the forks?i have added 15 cc's to each side and thinking about another 5.

none. I only weigh 140, so bottoming has never really been an issue with me. On the front end im running rebound 10 clicks, comp 16, and tanks on 8, and std oil level

maybe i should go back to stock valving. i did race-tech to the front. must of set it up to soft. i weigh about 145

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