Engine Strip

Hi Guys,

I have to strip and rebuild my 2000 S to replace a worn Gbox final drive bearing. Has anyone out there stripped the engine without all the special tools?

I have rebuilt a lot of bike engines, is there anything I should know?

I have the manual for all the tolerances and a BIG box of tools. :thumbsup:


For what you need to do you will need some sort of case splitter. I just gave in and bought OEM. But there are generic ones. Also a rattle gun. Thats about it to take it apart to where you need to get to. The ignition side can basically stay together. Just leave the crank on the ignition side case and split the cases. Then you just have to pop out the tranny assembly (two shafts with all the gears and two shift fork assemblies).

Then just use something to smack out the old bearing and smack in the new one. Some people may frown upon my methods. But even using a BFH I do things with lots of care.

The job is straight forward for someone with your experience. Many people have success splitting the cases with no special tools. The right side lifts off of the left. A few gentle taps on the crank end and trans shafts with a soft hammer. If you have a stubborn one, you can improvise a puller to push on the crank end. Yes it is true you can leave the flywheel on the crank and the crank in the left case if you are only working on the trans. But changing a bearing in the left case I would want the crank out. So a special flywheel puller is needed for that. The flywheel puller is a cup (ID thread) with a push bolt. Motion Pro tools.

Many thanks,

I'll let you know what happens! :thumbsup:


What made you think it was that bearing What noise did the engine make.

I found that the engine was leaking oil from the seal, its been like it for a while, but collects in the crud in the base plate and you cant really see it.

We ride in lots of water in Wales UK, mud & rivers.

I went to change sprockets last week and could feel the roughness & play in the bearing. compared with my other DRZ its bad...

So this time I'll strip the motor , measure everything, replace whats needed including the bearing, oil seal & sleeve.

The motor is now in bits and ready to have the crank cases seperated.

So far, So Good.... :thumbsup::thumbsup:

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