Sand Hill on Sunday!

No rain today! Possible Showers tomorrow.

We're going to Sand Hill no matter! Anyone else? :thumbsup:

I might, i got a feeling it will be crowded though, anybody know if ClubMoto will be open??


How is sandhill with all the rain? does it get sloppy or stay decent? I want to head up there next week.

I was there a few weeks ago, they added in a bunch of sand on the lower section, i would assume it soaks up the rain pretty nicely.. here is their hotline # (925) 240-6247

Forget Sandhill and CM, go ride Carnegie. I was there today, and it was f-ing unbelievable. We went there thinking it would be a mess, and we could maybe get in an hour or two...well let me tell you, we rode until dark, over 5 hours. The conditions were unreal. Even got to catch a little of the hill climb event. If I was going somewhere tomorrow, I would head straight back to Carnegie.

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