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Stuff for Honda NX 250?

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Questions about the Honda NX 250 (88-90)

What DOT knobbies could be used on a Honda NX 250?

Is it possible to get new trailwings or an alternative to them (for mostly road/some dirt road/off-road trails)?

Front: 100/90-19

Rear: 120/90-16

Tire questions are separate. I would get better dual-sport tires for commuting/work/road tripping and use DOT knobbies for off road riding trips.

Are the Works shock for the NX 250 a reasonabley easy part to find?

What about the fork pre-load spacers?

Can a freer flowing muffler and K & N air filter be fitted to this bike?

Darn the seat height is frickin low. Anything I can do? I am 5 foot 9 1/2 feet tall and I feel like I may get cramped on the bike. Can I somehow get a seat an inch or two higher?

thanx for any feedback,


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