XT225 Serow-(Dark Plastic?) pellets in oil

Hi, Guys!

Has anyone with the 225 motor (the motor is the same in the TT225?) seen anything like the approx. bb-size dark, plastic-looking "pellets" (not perfectly round, but smoother on part of pellet, and rougher-edged on other parts of pellet) in the motor oil when you change it? :thumbsup: I've seen this for the past several years on my '92 XT225 Serow dual-sport (I bought it new, it has less than 4k miles on it). I've had absolutely no problems with how the motor runs.

Thanks in advance....

did you buy it used because people put those in there oil to make it run better an quiet down but its temporary fix. Once you change oil the real problems could show up.

Yes, I did buy it new; broke it in by the book, and have kept up maintenance on it....

so you didnt put the pellets in

how old is the oil :thumbsup::thumbsup:

I bought the bike new and have less than 4,000 miles and have changed the oil and cleaned the screens 14 times since new. I have only put approved spec motor oil into the filler hole---no additives. The last oil change was last month. Again, I've been seeing these "pellets" in the old oil when changing it, for about the last four oil changes, but have had no problems with how the motor starts and runs, nor with how the transmission shifts. I've noticed about three to five pellets in the drained oil for each of those past approx. four oil changes; I drain into a clean container, so I can examine for contaminants.

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