tubeless q's...

so i've read thru abunch of threads.. and i need a diffinitive answers.. 05 sm.. stock wheels.. plus seal the spokes.. can i run a tubeless tire with out problems at the beads?

has any one purchased from or dealt with euro choice... just noticed that they are from here in colorado..

thanks in advance.. benny

The correct answer is - no. Because of the bead design tubless tires are not compatable with tube type rims. Most likely you can get tubeless tires to seal at the beads and hold air, if you want to take the chance. If you loose a bead while riding, loss of air is very rapid. It is your life and your decision to make. I have seen it done. I will not do it.

if you go that route,get the euro choice kit.michelle is a good guy.

i personally will not do it either.

i personally will do it either.

Eddie- Did you mean "will do it" or "will not do it".


I've got a home brewed tubeless set up on my 03. Excel rims, same as SM stockers. I have been through 3 sets of tires with out losing any psi at all. No problem with beading on the rim. I have ridden aggressive street, dirt/fire roads, jumps, and general hooliganism, without fault.

Ultimately it is a personal decision, but it has worked fine for me. Better than with tubes, actually.

Bring on the flames. :thumbsup:

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