05 crf fork seal change..help needed

Does anyone have a link or manual with lots of pic on how to change the oil and change the seals in the forks?

Changing the fork oil is covered in the owners manual. It's really quite simple. Changing the forks seals isn't in the owners manual but is also easy. Once you have the cartridge out, remove the dust seal by prying it off, then remove the retaining clip that's in front of the fork seal. With the bottom leg of the fork in a vise by the axle clamp, use the upper fork to slide hammer the seal out of the fork. I like to take a propane torch and lightly heat the area around the fork seal to help it come out easier and not damage the fork bushings. You'll need a seal driver to get the new seal on. I have a homemade job out of pvc pipe that works well.

Change both oils while you have it apart and inspect all your bushings. Make sure everything is clean before you assemble. Once you do it, you will be amazed how easy these forks are to work on.

Cool thanks...I think I have the seals down good since I did them often on my cr125 but what gets me is the dual chambers..how much oil to put in each and where? how to take them apart and drain them...

Use a 22 mm socket on the bottom with 17 mm wrench to hold the shaft nut to release the cartridge from the bottom fork leg. Once the 22mm rebound nut is loose from the fork, push down on the bottom fork leg and you'll see the nut on the shaft to put the 17mm wrench on. You can make a tool shaped like a "U" to hold the shaft out of the fork leg to make it easier.

Remove the top for cap(loosen it before you take it off the bike) and now the whole inner cartridge and spring will come out. Remove the center portion of the top cap(the part with the compression screw) and then pull it out, might need to wiggle back and forth a little. Then drain the cartridge, pump the rod up and down a bit to squirt the oil out and leave to drain. I like to put some clean oil in and work the rod and then drain again just to clean it out good. Some might use solvents but I haven't yet on the cartridge body.

To fill the cartridge, measure 6.6 OZ of fork oil and dump in. Work the rod up and down slowly through the whole stroke several times to remove any air. I will let it sit at this point and start the other side to allow any bubbles time to come up. There is a measurement that the manual says the oil height should be in the cartridge, something like 1.6 - 1.85" off the squared off ridge which is about 4" down or so, but I've found this isn't so important because the excess oil is blown off during the next step.

Next, reinsert the top of the cartridge(after cleaning) and tighten down. Slowly stroke the rod 4" up and down several times, not a full stroke. After this, then stroke the rod slowly through one complete stroke. Oil will be pushed out the top and will probably drain out the two side holes. This leaves about 6 oz in the cartridge. Drain the excess oil out the side holes. The cartridge is now done.

Install new for seals, bushings if necessary and reinstall inner cartridge in lower fork leg. Then measure the desired amount of outer chamber fork oil and just pour into fork. I use 360cc but I ride an X in tight woods. That's probably low for MX. All the outside oil does is lubricate and controls bottoming. After putting in the oil, screw the top cap back on and you're done. :thumbsup:

p.s make sure you back off your clickers all the way before disassembling.

Thank You :thumbsup:

I did mine scared because people said its a dealer job. It was so easy. Just make sure your careful not to scratch or ding the tube. I used towels on a work bench.

Drove the seal in with a 2" pvc pipe cut in half....

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