Anybody road bike???

Just wondering if anybody out there rides a road bike for fitness and what kind of bike you have?

Trek Madone

Did 60 miles today.

I used to race on the road, many moons ago, USCF Cat II. Back then it was all Italian steel framesets. I rode Tommassini's.

Lately I've had several of the OCLV framesets, because a buddy is a Trek dealer. But I don't currently own a road bike and have a steel Richey cross bike, I ride on the road. Just wish I was in the same shape, I was back in the racing days. Of course, I had no money then, because all I did was train and race.

I only did 15 today, because I have an enduro tomorrow. :thumbsup:

Yup, been riding for 30 years, been doing tri's for 25 years.

Litespeed Tuscany set up for triathlons, forward facing seat post with Zipp 404's.

I ride mostly on my Compu-Trainer indoors, I get a better more controlled workout using it, plus I have programmed some of my favorite race courses on it and can race against my previous best workouts. But indoor training is BORING....takes a lot self control to do a two hour workout.

Doing the Panama City Ironman this year in November.

Trust me, it ain't the bike. Don't get caught up spending big bucks for a bike. Just make sure the bike is comfortable and fits OK.

Ron W.

i get into this time a year..great way to get in shape for mx,,20 miles 3 times a week..i cant do that exercise bike stuff cuz all i think about when im on it is goin to watch tv or get a drink..if im on a rode bike..i have to pedal my ass back to my house in order to do it lol

I ride a Radon Boa ZR LTD Radon is a German shop's ( ) proprietary brand, the components are Shimano Ultegra(all over, even the hubs) and it has a carbon fibre fork.

I wanna get into road biking for fittness, but then again im 15, and cash is tight. Can anyone tell me a good cheap but quality brand out there.


I have a custom GSR Alu/Carbon road bike, all Campy, a custom steel single speed MTB and a Raleigh Alu/Carbon cyclocross bike. I'm also the race director of one of the biggest bike races in the US, the Cascade Classic.

Haven't ridden much this year yet, mostly due to the crap weather, but crit season and cross season are a ways away still, plus I'm having more fun riding the DRZ!

plus I'm having more fun riding the DRZ!

Ain't that the truth. You don't have to suffer nearly as much. Although I just got home from an enduro and was getting tired at the end of the day.

I do road and mountain, the road bike is an old Team Issue Bianchi X4, 1986-87 I believe with full Campy Record-C, friction shifting 12 speed. It's from the good old days when "the feel of steel is real" meant something. Anyways, I still ride it, about 100 miles/week.

On the weekends I try to do a good mountain bike ride on the Bianchi DISS, it's an aluminum framed single speed with disc brakes. Excellent training for strength and technical skills.

I tried the indoor trainer, Ipod and all, just can't do it.

:thumbsup: on

Anyone see George's handlebars break off in the Paris-Roubaix yesterday? Incredible. Guess it was an aluminum steer tube. Wonder how carbon would have done?

You can bet Trek ain't very happy about that.....doesn't look good for them

Ron W.

I work for a great construction company that promotes road biking and has been known to award workers with bikes when credit is due. I've been competing with my wife in triathlons since the early 90S. My wife and I have raced Ironman Canada in 94,95, 96. Hawaii in 96, Lake placid in 97. Roth Germany in 98, Canada in 99. New Zealand in 2000, and lake placid in 2001. during the belly of training we would often crank out 2-3 hundred mile weeks. Between my wife and myself the house has far to many bikes hung on walls or stuffed in rooms with motorcycle stuff starting to cover them. I still try to get out and ride some but my weekly mileage is way down. I still enjoy getting out with my coworkers for our weekly Friday morning ride.

Just wondering if anybody out there rides a road bike for fitness and what kind of bike you have?

Jamis Eclipse...Sweet ride! 853 Reynolds. Ride is butter but still super responsive. Being a smaller company, you get more bike for your buck. On top of that, you don't look like one of the Trek clones out there.

Excellent mode of exercise. If you are seriously looking into buying a bike, do yourself a favor and go to reputable dealers and actually test ride some bikes and get fit to assure the bike is set up properly for YOU. Even a $10,000 bike that does not fit you will make you want to throw it in the ditch.

Look into mountain bikes as well. Just as good for conditioning as road biking and will also help with your moto skills! :thumbsup:

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