what tools do i need

i dont have any tools for metric or any allen tools.... just wondering what tools are absolutely necessary for taking apart the plastics/carb/etc.

your will need at least 8 and 10 mm sockets. 12mm and 14mm are need for some jobs.

Do yourself a favour and get a 6mm allen key head for your socket as well.

Phillips Screwdriver

$10,000.00 worth of Snap On tools should do the trick.:bonk:

Well that's what I use, except I bought them about 30 years ago

when it was only £2000 or about $3500. :thumbsup::confused:

Now I no longer earn my living with them they are just an indulgence, and SHINY.

A practical form of Bling :bonk:

Neil. :thumbsup::bonk::bonk:

how much do you want to spend? craftsman are cheap and great for the home garage, some techs use 'em too. go matco or snap-on if you want to feel special

IMHO...if you are going to try to do some wrenching on the z you should at least get: a 3/8 drive metric socket set (a 1/4 drive could be handy too), a 3/8 drive ratchet, a torque wrench, a metric allen key set, some vise grips (various sizes), a #1 and a #2 phillips screwdriver, etc...

i consider that the basic stuff, and you could get a lot more depending on the complexity of the work you see yourself getting into

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