Throttle sticks open...please help

what's up guys?

i've got an '05 S model with just under 1,000 mi.

my throttle is sticking seemed to happen all of a sudden. it got harder to twist, and now when i twist the throttle it just stays open to however far i turned it and won't return. any ideas on what the problem is? some quick help would be greatly appreciated because its getting nice here and i'm itching to ride.


Check the return cable for damage near the carb cable drum.

this was recently brought up by one of the members. Do a search and I'm sure you'll find your answer. I think the consensus was that it was a fuel screw setting issue but i'm not sure. Also check your throttle cables where it attachs to the carb and throttle grip.

Hanging idle is fuel screw setting. Sticking open is something mechanical binding.

could be a simple fix, did your grip or throttle tube get bumped into the end of the handlebar putting pressure on the throttle tube or grip?

i don't think so but i'll check. any other ideas so i can go to my storage shed fully armed?

how do you adjust the throttle cable?

I'll bet I know what it is if you still have your bar ends weights fell or bumped your handlebar on the right side and pushed your bar end weight into the throttle it seems to stick.....That's what I did anyway :thumbsup:

thanks for the response but i took those branch-grabbers off a while ago...

I was swapping out handlebars (first time) and I over tightened the throttle assembly which made the throttle stick.... took me awhile to figure it out... so check the screws?? maybe they're binding up? :thumbsup:

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