Good deal????

I am helping a friend part out an 02 YZF426 and he just gave me the FCR39 carb off it.

What parts do I need to make it work on my S model? Also, what jetting do I need for my bike as it has stock exhaust still?

Any help or comments would be great.

This is from Burned's Sticky

2)021-216 FCR adapter 2-3/8 carb to S air boot

3)021-439 o-ring for adapter

4)017-262 EMN needle

suzuki oem parts needed-

1)'E' Intake Manifold: Suzuki p/n 13111-29F00, Pipe,Intake

2)'E' Manifold Clamp: Suzuki p/n 09402-58208, Clamp

3)vacuum port nipple to retain S petcock Suzuki p/n 13685-29F00 Union,Intake Port **

I've got complete "burned spec" jetting. $25

The YZ426 uses the same size bell mouth as the Stock E (54mm if I remember right) so you don't need to get the 2)021-216 FCR adapter 2-3/8 carb to S air boot if your buddy is including it. You would just need to buy the airbox to carb boot for the E-model instead on ronayers its called "tube outlet". Eitherway the cost is about the same. Just thought I'd give ya that option. I have the same carb and used the E/air boot.

If that carb has the stock jetting- you'll only have to get a needle (EMN and a main 155 for stock exhaust and 160 for aftermarket). As per burned's sticky- make sure you read that. :thumbsup:

But that carb works great- just make sure its in good shape. :thumbsup:

The carb was working great before we started taking the bike apart.

And thank you for all the information it will make this go very smooth.

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