What would happen if you used Yamalube-S in a 2 stroke dirtbike? :thumbsup:

I always use Yamalube-R but my friend was going to use Yamalube-S because he didnt have any more Yamalube-R. I told him not to try it. :confused: So what would It do if you did use it? :thumbsup: Thanks.

In a yz 85.

I have dont it before. I never had a problem. I imagine Yamaha has figured out a way to sucker us for more money by calling it "R"......but I was too afraid to try it for a long time.

yamalube S will work fine in a pinch. The R oil is for sustained high RPM racing and clean burning. I prefer to use Maxima Super M. Very clean and low smoke with outstanding lubrication. Super M is not good in real cold weather as it has a tendancy to seperate. If you use it in the cold ( below freezing), shake well before riding. :thumbsup:

That's what I use, Super M. I use castor a lot but the prices have been shooting up and Super M is a great oil for cheaper.

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