RMZ450 suspension companies

I'm a vet,nov-int .mx/sx rider weighing in at 160 lbs. , looking into getting my 2006 rmz450 suspension revalved soon. I'm thinking of going with one of the following : pro-circuit , RG3 , factory connection , or MB-1. I'd like to know what you guys are running and if you're satisfied with the results? :thumbsup:

RG3=Suzuki plain and simple.

I had mine done by MB1 after research. Mike Batista is very good, and they have their own springs that are awesome. I weigh 165. I had the MB1 bladder, and bladder cap installed on the shock, and on the forks bottoming ring and pressure spring, and of course the revalve, and springs for my weight front and rear. This suspension is awesome. I have not rode a suzuki with RG3 but rode several hondas, and MB1 rules.

I race Vet pro. wheigh 150lbs, just swapped the springs front and rear for my weight and then dialed in the clickers and my suspension works great. You might try springs 1st and see how you like it before spending the bucks for revalving

I used Dick's Racing. After reading their reviews in Transworld Motocross awhile back I had to give them a try. They did an great job on mine. I absolutely love it. The bike is super plush. I'm a 190 lbs. Vet. novice getting ready to jump to Interm. They know there RMZ's!

I had Factory Connection do mine , very pleased with the results . Support priror and after the job is awesome. I called them got the proper spring rates which I ran untill I could afford to have them finish the job...

rg3 = suzuki rmz 450

I've been very happy with my MX Tech suspension on my 2006.

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