Looking for CDI San Diego!!!!

I am looking for a used (but working) CDI for my 04RMZ. I am trying to get it locally so I can get it right away. Either OEM or aftermarket, doesn't matter. Send me a PM if intrested in selling. Can't afford too much.

why do you need one in the first place?

I believe mine isn't working right. can't get mine started and this seems to be the final straw. Hell, borrowing one for troubleshooting would be good enough.

you can check to see if you have spark by pulling the sparkplug out of the engine, putting the wire on it and holding the plug to the engine block while somebody kicks it over. this will save you LOTS of time

I've done that already, but I'm running out of options. I have compression, I have spark, I have fuel getting there (tried different carb same outcome), I have proper timing (made sure it wasn't 180 out), I have good valve clearences, but my bike still doesn't wanna start. Could my CDI still be bad and still give a spark. Anyone have any suggestions. I going nuts over this.

hmm...i bought an aftermarket cdi a long time ago for my 05'...it never worked on my bike...it was stamped on the back 2004 rmz250...maybe it wouldnt work because of that reason..i returned it and the guy kept saying its for a 2005...i even showed him that it sais 04...after that he stoped responding and im stuck with this cdi..i have it if anyone wants it..i cant guarentee why it wouldnt work on my bike..all i know is my bike was 05' and it said 04 0n the box

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