sleeve for a big bore?

I'm interested in getting my cylinder rebored to a larger size like 150, 160, 170.

If I got the local machine shop to do this would I need to get a steel sleeve to prevent overheating? anything else?

I'm not too interested in paying at least 300 dollars for a BBR kit or other make when I could get rebored and a piston for under 150 dollars.

Any knowledge/recommendations on this topic would be appreciated. Thanks guys.

I believe anything over 150cc you'll need a sleeve.

Won't you need to get the cam and all that other stuff though too?

Won't you need to get the cam and all that other stuff though too?
no you dont have to have it but i figure it runs a lot better with it...over all it would be better to get a bbk..ya get a new cylender, cam, jets, high comp. piston, rings

That BBR kit is a reasonable price, and it's sure fire. You get all the parts you need.....I dunno, seems like you are only hurting yourself if you half ass it? But who am I?

Also, has this machine shop done this before? I have two friends whose families own machine shops, they don't do that kind of shit there, not to say that they arent capable of it, I would just make sure these people have done it before....expensive part to mess up.

Good luck, let us know what you decide and how it goes!


Ok thanks for the input guys. I think I'm gonna try to go cheap and see how it runs and just use an old cylinder I bought off ebay. If that doesn't work so well...I'll just switch back to the one that came with the bike or spring for the rest of the stuff.

The machine shop has done this before for my friend. They specialize in boat-engine rebuilding too. It's amazing to walk in and see the hundreds of pistons in different sizes that they have in stock.

Gotta find some time to do all this work though...maybe after the end of this semester. :thumbsup:

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