05 and a half 250SXF with Bogging Problems

I have a 05.5 250SXF with about 20-30 hours that bogs when I crack the throttle. It starts 1st kick and runs fine when just idling. I have tried rejetting it and changing the main jet. Also have gone back to stock settings and installed a biysen quickshot but it still bogs.

Buy a new spark plug. My brothers bike had the same problem.

The quick shot does not do anything! What you have a an accelerator pump that is way too agressive and is flooding the engine. The fix for the 250 is to reduce both the duration (time) of the squirt AND the volume of the squirt.

Duration is reduced by using a diaphram available from Honda in the AC pump.

Volume is reduced by using a float bowl that has whats called a "Leak jet"

Both pieces are available from Honda if you know wht to order or from JDjetting.com.

I have an 06 with about 20 hrs. on it. I was having the same problem, it would idle fine but any gas and it would die. I tried just about everything with the jetting and adjusted the valves. When that didn't work I brought it to the shop where they rechecked the valves and where pretty much stumped, until they noticed the spark plug was shooting a spark out at the top of the porcalin(SP?). It was causing the motor to miss. Put the new spark plug in and it runs perfect now.

Check the post similar to yours below. Lots of detailed trouble shooting

Please let us know what you find


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