Thor Sentinel?

Anyone have experience with it?

I want to buy one but I fear it may be too small. Length wise. I am 195 lbs and my current 661 protector goes down to right above my belly button. This is pretty much the only one I have had so I dont know how a good chest protector should fit

I just wanted a lighweight protector I could wear over or under my jersey and This or the Scattershield looked like the best.

Any input would be nice

I just got one and it is exactly what it is called... a chest protector. It barely covers my chest and I am 6'0 206lbs. It kinda makes me nervous about wearing it but I want one I can wear under my shirt. I am use to the ones that go halfway down the stomach but the sentinel won't. I plan on using it next week during practice to get a feel for it.

I don't really think they are worth it, but that's just speculation. I see supercrossers wearing them, but probably only because they don't need to deal with rocks or sticks flying at them. Why do you need it to be underneath your jersey?

i dont need it to be under my jersey. I would just like one that i can wear over or under

Im also considering the EVS flux though.

I just bought a new set of No Fear gear and a No Fear Chesprotector I love it it fist really nice and you dont even know it is there but it protects very well against rocks. I don't know how well it would fit under a jersey tho.

I tried one on and if you are not the perfect size it wont fit right.I think they messed up making them because they made so it could fit all sizes.You cant do that with a chest protector they have to fit good and snug, When I put it on it wobbled everywere

I had the Fox Airframe. Its a piece of crap in my opinion. I broke the piece that connects between the chest and shoulder pieces. Its a small strip of plastic so if it breaks youre done. Then i got the Troy Lee Designs chest protector because is built way better. It is drilled in with 2 screws so if the plastic breaks, you can redrill holes atleast once. I highly recommend the TLD chest protector. Look at there pics to see what im talking about.

idk i'm weird. If i'm wearing Thor gear i won't wear another companies chest protector unless it is a protective gear company only like EVS or 661.

Guess I could go for the Thor Force I guess.

Any other opinions on the Sentinel and Scattershield though

I have the airframe and in my opinion its great.Mine has taken ALOT....of beatings in the past couple of moths and its still working good

Im a little over 200 mark, and I wear the Fox Airframe, no problem. Protects to just above my belly button, when standing, its a Large.

I haven't tried the new Thor though.

My airframe broke first crash, i hobbled it together, then a while later on another crash it was gone. I know what youre saying on sticking with one company, i have all fox, but i WAS NOT going to buy their chest protector.

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