Chinese DRZ-400 clone..

The frame looks a LOT weaker, so much so I'm surprised the bike is so heavy at 300+ lbs. dry. I especially like the Mercedes logo on the oil pump cover.

Wow, that is even heavier than the DRZ :thumbsup:

awe gees, i'd rather push my drz, than ride that thing!!

When I was a kid we were all worried about the Japanese junk flooding our country....Now it's the Chinese junk and I really despise this crap...not so much that it's Chinese but what our politicians are allowing them to flood into this country.....Oh yeah....DRZ's rock :thumbsup:

Looks like a DRZ...Smell like a DRZ...Glade I didn't step in it !!!!

Never get parts if it needed them.... you think you could do ANY mods or have as much fun on that bike as compared to the DRZ?? :thumbsup:

Not to mention resale value...hmmmm don't think so!


all i got were freakin' pop-ups ! :thumbsup:

A local farm store sells takeoffs of the PW80. They look like SH*T compared to the real thing. Save your money!

all i got were freakin' pop-ups ! :thumbsup:

And me :bonk:

The only good thing I could see, was the fuel capacity :confused:



no thanks i'll just flush my $ down the s**tter.

Actually, Hyosung's a Korean company. They've shared manufacturing and research facilities with Suzuki since the late 70's. Hence the similarities.

Their bikes aren't spectacular, but they're pretty damn decent.

International trade and copyright laws do not apply to China. :thumbsup:

The DR-Z400 engine is also found in Kawasaki and Arctic Cats so maybe Hyosung paid for the rights to manufacture the engine but the bike probably started out as a DR-Z knockoff sold next to the Nike knockoff shop next to the Apple iPod knockoff shop next to the New Harley-Davidson Dealership that just opened. I can’t wait to see the Hyosung Sportster roll off the assembly line this fall.

I can’t wait to see the Hyosung Sportster roll off the assembly line this fall.

What, you haven't seen the Chinese chopper yet ? I think their called Vthunder or something like that. $3500. :thumbsup:

I would be very wary , spare parts and very poor resale value is the usual thing with copies.

Not sure about the XRX but Hyosung make a number of different models and from all reports they're not so bad. They make a 650 v-twin very much like the SV which apparently is quite good, bar fairly ordinary suspenders. And they're not chineese, they're korean, as mentioned above. You'll probably find this thing is more aimed as a farm bike than a blood thirsty enduro weapon :thumbsup:

The one good thing I see about the flood of Chinese and Korean bikes is that it will help keep the yearly price rise of the Japanese and Euro bikes in check.


Hyundai was abysmal crap when it first came out. Remember the Excel? :thumbsup:

Now Hyundai puts out a decent car. Hyosung looks like they are off to a better start than Hyundai. Perhaps in a few years they will be a viable choice with a wide range of models and dealer support. Competition is good.

Pity it can't happen with a US made bike though. The way things are going, it seems our economy is going to be mostly based on intellectual/service and burger flipping. :thumbsup:

That new GT250R looks sweet...I've been planning on buying a Ninja 250 for a work commute bike when I come back to the U.S. but I'll have to keep up on these Hyosungs...If that GT250R has a nice price I might just get one next year...

The U.S. market is almost entirely devoid of small displacement streetbikes...I don't need a hulking monster to go to work...Just what the Japanese need...A little competition to start making them offer something other than 1000+ cc machines...

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