Torque Wrenches

Hey Guys,

I'm in the market for a new Torque wrench. I need something that will do 10-200 In-lbs. I'm looking to get something cheap but good... like in the $0-$40 range. What do you guys use? Anything that should be avoided? Anything you can recomend?

I'm also lookin for a Trailtech Lynx bike computer. If you happen to know where I guy could get one cheap I'm all ears.



itll be hard finding a good 40 dollar torque wrench....u will only find em that cheap on ebay

You can get something that costs $40 bucks that you will have to replace three times within a year, or you can get a nice torque wrench that will last you a lifetime for about $100-$120. If there's a Cornwell Tools dealer in your area, check out what he has in stock. I got mine from there and it rocks. I believe it cost $110 or something like that.

Here is a bike computer for 1penny on ebay, yes that is the real price. I have bought 3 and they are exactly as described :thumbsup:

Computer If that item has ended search his other items he always has them

You are looking for everything with your torque wrench requirements good luck, i think ebay is going to be your best bet

I'm in Kanada so I dunno if we have Cornwell Tools but I'll keep an eye out.

Yeah, I've been cruisin ebay lookin for something. Problem is I dunno what's good and what's crap, besides big name brands. It would be alot easier to find something if the guys listed the units in the titles (rolling my eyes).


As a rule of thumb the higher the torque wrench goes up to the less accurate it is going to be. Why do you want a 200 lb one?

My dad bought me one for my b-day for $20. It's a craftsman and it's pretty good. I forget on how high it reads, I think like 90 pounds. It doesn't have the digital readout but if its your first wrech just get one that isn't digital readout because it teaches you how to read accurately.

sears craftsmen.. :thumbsup:

Gotta keep your eyes open guys :thumbsup: I'm lookin for a wrench that reads 10-200INCH-lbs. For $20? I'm assuming thats a FOOT-lb beam unit? I Don't have a problem with the beam torque wrenches, their probably cheaper, if I can find one.


Wow, the sears stuff is expencive. $130 for the cheapest in-lb unit. Mastercraft has a 25-200 in-lb unit for $89.


You will get exactly what you pay for. I have Snap-On, but it is very expensive and probably over priced. I would suggest a Craftsman because they are guaranteed for life and are accurate. They also offer inch and pound versions. Don't go for some cheap off name brand because most things that really require a "torqued" fit are critical. If your measurement is off you can have other problems come up due to the item not being seated properly.

Wow, the sears stuff is expencive. $130 for the cheapest in-lb unit. Mastercraft has a 25-200 in-lb unit for $89.


Craftsman ones are all around $65. :thumbsup:

You won't find a Snap-On etc. that is more accurate for under $400 or so. Snap-On's 4% accuracy models (same accuracy as the Craftsman) are in the $200 range (

Craftsman ones are good and reasonably priced. I would stay away from anything cheaper.

Dont even think about using cheap junk made in China Torque wrench, get a good made in USA accurate and recalibratable torque wrench, it costs more money but a badly torqued head will cost you large.

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